Daily Inspiration

Sometimes, in order to fly you have to lift others first. Treasure your friends, teachers, parents, lovers, and even complete strangers - everyone who has ever made an effort to push you up and out of your comfort zone, a sleepy area where nothing grows. And lift others whenever you can - someone else's star might be part of your galaxy.

Author: Wonder Woman

Hello and welcome! You are stepping into Wonder Woman's World, so be graceful. I believe in equality and working until a dream comes true. Healthy ambitions are beautiful. Feminism will trump Trump! By 'feminism' I do not mean that men are evil and dresses should be burnt. Here we'll talk about current political situation in the US (aka Trump-a-day), leadership, empowerment, and how politics defines so many trends and events in modern society. I will always respect your opinion, even if I disagree. Please do extend me the same courtesy. Spread the word and come back again!