At this point in modern history, none of us would be surprised if he were saying “this is the greatest solar eclipse the Earth has ever seen. I bet you, Crooked Hillary would not have had such a tremendous Great American Eclipse.” For all we know, if things progress at their current rate…ok, let’s not think about nuclear winter. 

Anyway, Trump engaging in a one sided ‘who’ll outstare whom’ competition with the Sun got plenty of mockery online. My favourite is “I like how everyone thinks Trump will eye damage from staring into the eclipse when staring directly at Steve Bannon for 2 years did nothing.” Aw, Steve got a thanks from Trump via Twitter. He then threatened to publish an exposé on the so called ‘White House democrats’ (read – Ivanka and Jared). We anticipate that it will have the level of dirt Tatler has never seen. Can Bannon temporarily join Tatler to reveal his insider knowledge about the White House and its inhabitants? I am morally opposed to reading Breitbart.

Back to the eclipse…in the U.K. eclipse watchers were left somewhat underwhelmed by the spectacle. That’s the great British Summer for you. It was an eventful day in our land, nonetheless. Big Ben fell silent today…and for the next four years. Luckily, in this country we are not left one-to-one with the beast of Brexit. We have Larry:

And the Tube…everyone who has read that love letter to the London Underground written by a guy from New York knows that things must be bad! He and the people of New York were in my thoughts this morning, when after a very long stop in a tunnel my train was diverted due to a faulty train somewhere further on the Northern Line. I had enough time to think of every individual residing in Manhattan and some from Brooklyn.
The day got better, though.

Almost, but not quite.